This is me.

Hello, it’s so nice to meet you! My name is Mallory and this is my daughter Juniper. I’ve been through a lot in my 25 years and I’m here to tell you about it. I’m here to tell you about it but also take you with me on my day to day thoughts. I can’t guarantee when content is going to be up because, well to be frank, my life is a little crazy and that’s okay. I’m going to post when I can and I’m going to always be 100% honest with you.

My goal is to make “Fun But Grown Up” a community of people who talk through life and trauma, building each other up along the way. This doesn’t seem like an easy thing to get started but I’m going to do it by “going first”. I’m going to show you how imperfect my life is/was/always will be and I’m going to show you how I’m been healing. I’ll also have some fun stories and ideas sprinkled in there to lighten it up from time to time, because that’s what we are. We are fun but we are also grown up.

Note: I am not a licensed professional but this is a safe place where I hope you feel comfortable sharing your stories, but if you are not I hope you get comfort in reading these stories. You are not alone in this world. I’m rooting for you.

I would love to get to know you! To submit your story to our blogging community, please email us at funbutgrownup@gmail.com I hope to see you there!

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